Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cross Stitching in Public.

Today I wanted to talk about cross-stitching in public. By that I mean cross stitching in waiting rooms, bus stations, train stations etc. I work in a hospital and regularly walk by the waiting areas for surgery and the Intensive Care Unit. In two years I have only seen one gal stitching. I see a lot of crocheting and knitting but rarely cross stitching. I am wondering if it is all the stuff you need?.(chart, flosses, etc). Maybe it's the conditions (poor light, bad seating, etc).

I would never cross stitch in public because....I am a man. It's not's against the's unheard of! Before you try to reassure me that it would be fine.... I will explain... Since most the people who read my blog are women, many may not be familiar with "Man-Law". Man-Law clearly states that a man may not do girly things like cross-stitch in public. Why?.... Why do men do anything they do.....we don't know....that's just the way it is. Men also don't chat in the public bathroom... we just don't. I don't make the rules.... I just follow them.

The root cause could probably be tied to the thought that men who do "girly" things in public might be well.... let's just say they might swing from the other side of the plate. Not that there's anything wrong with that...

After all, some of my best friends are.......     Cross Stitchers :-)

Since I am a card-carrying follower of Man-Law, I have to keep my cross stitching on the down-low. Good thing I started a Blog!

If you cross stitch in public, let's hear from you!

Please stay tuned for my future blog entry...  "Do real men cross stitch?"

Happy Stitching!


Lissanne said...

Lol. You're too funny. I don't cross stitch in public, just cause my stuff is just too big to carry. Everything is on scroll rods and it is a pain to lug the lap stand around.

Give it a go once. It'd be a hilarious post to read people's reactions to watching you stitch in the open.

Chats are Chatelaines by Martina Rosenberg. They are pretty much the only things I stitch right now. I have become addicted.

Kate said...

I don't stitch in public either, not because of all the stuff as I don't have much stitching paraphernalia. But also because if someone sees you stitching they automatically assume things about you (I totally lose my mystique!(quite wrongly) Yep, its gone) and also people can't help but ask what you are sewing (even strangers) and then you don't get anything done! lol

Mangogirl said...

I always have a little kit in my handbag for when I'm out and about and can't carry my big projects.

Freddysmama (Kirstin) said...

LMAO, Chris. Totally understand your stance. My DH has done a little stitching but it's not something he tells anyone.

I am quite happy to stitch in public - I usually have a small project on the go that doesn't require a truckload of paraphenalia. I also have a project that I can put a few stitches in easily whilst at work.

I've stitched in the hospital when I had my kids, in the drs waiting rooms, waiting for the chiro, for the dentist... on the bus, on the train, in aeroplanes. I don't stitch in the car - but only cause I'd get carsick.

Daffycat said...

Recently, I've been treating myself to a couple of hours of stitching at the public library every Thursday after work. I will also take my stitching to wait for appointments.

ROFLOL you are a guy...if you like beer & football you're good, who cares if you stitch? ;o)

Men don't talk in the restroom?

Chris said...


That is correct...chatting in the public bathroom is a breach of man-law. However it is a little more complicated than that. Chatting while you are both... doing your business... is a major violation. This could possibly result in losing your man-card. Chatting while one of you is "busy" is less of a violation and as long as it is not repeated you are ok. Chatting while you both are washing your hands is only a minor infraction that is easily forgivable.

Unfortunately, another major infraction of man-law is... Divulging the secrets of man-law. So don't tell anyone that I told you (shhhhhhh).