Thursday, November 3, 2011

Stitching Weather?

Ok... I commited to posting a blog entry everyday in November. I figure that eventually I will have a day where I will have nothing to talk about so I will post about the weather. So I am getting that out of the way now. I do talk about cross stitching at the bottom so make sure and read the whole blog :-)

How is the weather in Eugene, Oregon? Fantastic!... or miserable... depends on your perspective. This morning it was dark, rainy and cold. The ground is wet and messy with tons of leaves and other debris....Fantastic!!!

 I love the rainy weather, I always have. Maybe it's because I was born here and Oregon is kinda famous for it's rain. When I told my boss that I love the rain he looked at me like I was a giant green bug wearing a tutu (hey... holloween costume next year). See he is from Florida and California. It is inconcievable to him that I would love the rainy weather. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the sunny weather. (This year we had a great time BBQ ing and hanging out in the pool all summer.) So I said to my boss..." I love the rain and I live in Oregon, you can't stand the rain and you live here too.... who's the crazy one?".... It's probably still me but you get my point.

I guess I should tie this in with cross stitch somehow... Is there anyone else out there that loves to cross stitch when it is cold, wet and generally wintery outside?

Happy Stitching!!!



Kate said...

From now until May that is pretty much how the weather is going to be here (Buckinghamshire, England), so what can you do but stay inside and stitch :)

Terri said...

I hate the rain and cold, but I love staying in and stitching on those days! Even better on snowy days!

cucki said...

here in south africa it is sunny and lovely today..i think we going to have rain this week..i love rain and snow so much..i wish we have snow in africa.
keep well and happy day to u.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Terri. I really don't like the rain and cold but what else can do besides stitch? I usually get more accomplished this time of the year than in the Spring/Summer time. Sherry

Minnie said...

Rainy weather is good for sleeping in and then stitching once you're up.

Xeihua (Sara) said...

I should agree with your boss... you see I'm from Portugal, where we do have proper Seasons, and it's sunny most of the year and actually quite warm on Summer, and two years ago I moved to Ireland... the country where it rains 360 days in a year xD and we only have two seasons rainy spring and freezing winter (at least for me) so if in the past I didn't mind the rain... now I'm starting to get tired of it xD... but I must admit I love to stitch and hear the rain falling outside and thinking "it's so good to be coozy at home :D"

Lesleyanne said...

If its cold and wet outside it is the best thing to stay in and stitch.

Daffycat said...

I love rain unless it is seemingly endless rain. And I don't like getting flooded in and unable to get to work. But there is nothing better than staying in and stitching when it's frightful outside!

We are in a severe drought in Oklahoma. Send some rain our way!