Monday, December 5, 2011

Hot Water Heater Kaput!

Hot water is good!!

Our hot water heater went belly-up on Saturday. I called the plummer but he couldn't fix it until Monday morning. It was like camping. Heating up water on the stove to wash dishes and bathe. It was kinda fun at first but it got old quick.

Good news...we have a brand new hot water heater. Cheers!!!

Without hot water there was more time for stitching :-) I started Folk Art Angel #3 (Christmas tree). She is looking good. I still have a few french knots to do on #2. I am going to have my wife do them since she is much better at french knots than me.

I know what your saying..."if you practice your French Knots, you will get better at them." or "it gets easier... the more you do it" or ..... "Man up you big wuss, come on! show us your a real cross stitcher and do some French Knots!".... Ok maybe not the last one...

WHAT IS SO HARD ABOUT THEM FOR ME!! I do perfect little knots all the time on the back of my work...accidently. Why can't I do a knot on purpose on the front of my work?  Uggggg

Ok my rant is over.

Sports Alert: My Oregon Ducks won the first ever Pac-12 championship and now it's on to the Rose Bowl! Bring on Wisconsin. I Love My Ducks!

Happy Stitching!!!!


Freddysmama (Kirstin) said...

OMG! I get those knots on the back too! Why on earth I can't do one deliberately, I'll never know. Aaargh!


Actually, it is true, the more you practise, the better you become but to be honest, I LIKE beading, so I choose to bead more often than knot... yes, yes, pun intended *wink*

Have BTDT with the water heater - ours broke the weekend we moved into this house.

Yay for your OR Ducks. I have very little interest in football, I'm a motorsports girl. Now the season is over and I'm feeling bereft...

cucki said...

yayyy for your new hot water heater. is true..just practice more than you will be master in it..i love doing little french knots :)
keep well and good luck with FK.

Minnie said...

Cold water sucks, what did the cave people do before fire. I am going to be honest with you I have been stitching for years and trying to do french knots and mine don't get any better. I have more good ones than bad ones but they're never all perfect, sometimes that's okay other times beading is just best.

Joysze said...

Great on the hot water heater getting fixed. Showering with cold water is no fun.

Me.... I'm all about efficiency. If your wife can do the french knots better and faster, so be it!! Means you get that piece done quicker and onward to the next. Also, those pieces would be a joint venture and that always makes for great memories. :)

SoCal Debbie said...

How funny, that you can make knots on the back and not the front! I hate finding those little knots later and go back and pick them out. Great idea to ask your wife to do the FK instead!

Tammy said...

I know when I was struggling with them I actually was doing them wrong. Just a hint to help if your not doing it already. I find if I keep the thread pulled tight in my left hand as I wrap and pull through they come out nicer. Or you could do what my Stitching sisters do and you beads instead.