Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How do your manage all you floss?

Ok all of you in blogland. How do you manage and store all your floss? How do you keep track of what floss you have for all your WIP?

Come on... Let's hear from you. I am hoping to get at least 30 responses to the post :-))


Daffycat said...

Here is how I store my floss:

It all goes into a cabinet, link in that post.

I don't have silks (allergy) and not an extensive collection of overdyed cottons. That all fits into a small plastic bin in bags like my DMC is stored in.

I have at least one each DMC and I pull the threads I need for a project from there. Long term projects I will go ahead and buy extra so I don't have my only skeins "tied up" for too long. I try not to have "too many" WIPs going at once. Notice I said try ~ lol

natalyK said...

I have a DMC cabinet that holds all of my DMC threads. I take threads out, and put them on rings while I am working on a project and return them at the end of the project. My over dyed threads are alphabetically sorted on rings and hang from pegs on a pegboard in my craft closet. All of my silks are stored in floss away bags inside of photoboxes sorted by manufacturer.
I do sometimes have to go hunting in my WIPs for a color and that is usually a good deterrent from starting a new project.

Joysze said...

I always have one full set of DMC bobbinated and stored in bobbin boxes. I have another box that's for the current WIP. Any floss I need get pulled from the master set for that project, and then put back before I pull for the next one.

Blu said...

I have one set of DMC that I work from regardless of which WIP I'm stitching. I don't have a set for each WIP because a)almost all my projects are DMC b)I don't have the storage space to maintain sets of floss for 15+ WIPs.

Excess floss is kept separately in several giant zip-lock bags. Silks and overdyed threads are on rings in a box (I don't have a lot, so this works for me). Kreinik is in a small tin. Beads are kept in the original package and strung on floss rings.

Terri said...

Years and years ago, I bought the full set of DMC that was available at that time, and have added to it since. I think I have all of them now, including the rayon and variegated. I keep mine wound on floss bobbins in the Darice boxes (I have 10 boxes!) If I find I need a certain color and don't have it, I run out and get it, or raid a WIP.

missy-tannenbaum said...

My floss is a bit of a mess- for WIPs, I keep everything in labeled ziploc bags (or craft store bags, if it's a big project), and my random colors just get tossed in boxes until I need them. It's not terribly organized, but I can find stuff pretty well when I have to do so.

SoCal Debbie said...

I use little 3x4" ziploc baggies and stick a file folder label on each one with the DMC # and color name. I store them in numerical order in a photo box. I printed a list of DMC numbers on a piece of paper. When I pull out floss for a project, I put a letter next to the DMC number, so I know where the floss is. But if it's a small project, I cut 36" lengths of floss and loop them through a hole in cardboard and label it (like you find in a kit) and then I put the floss baggie back in the photo box.

Eyani Ryou said...

I was really lucky and when an art store that sold DMC closed down they sold me their DMC stand.

I've yet to put all my thread onto it as we're decorating but I shudder to think how much thread I actually have!!!

Ewa said...

I have all my DMC colors wound on bobbins and stored in floss boxes arranged numerically. Any extra floss is in a zip loc bag. Then I have a spreadsheet that has every single DMC number typed out, followed by two columns. If I have at least one of the a given color, it gets an X in the first column. If I have extras of it, I write the number of extra skeins I have in the second column. That way I don't have to dig around looking for something, I just open up my spreadsheet, making sure I keep it updated if I take a skein out of my stash.

Keebles said...

I have all the DMC colors bobbinated and stored in boxes which is, in turn, stored in a single box. But each WIP has it's own bobbined box and they just kind of sit hap-hazardly around my recliner silently crying "please, pick me!", like puppies in a window!

Minnie said...

Each wip and all of the floss needed for it is placed in a 2 gal zip-lock bag when not being stitched on. All other floss in my stash is stored by DMC # in a snack size bag inside plastic photo storage boxes.

Chris McGuire said...

I guess I should weigh in on my own post.

First of all I love all your ideas and methods for keeping track of your floss.

I keep all my floss on bobbins and in clear plastic boxes. I use the little labels from DMC and keep them in numerical order. I pull out all the colors I am using for my active project and put them in a seperate plastic box. The last 6 or 8 colors I have used are on the arm of the recliner. I pin them into the arm fabric through the hole on the bobbin.

Working on more than one project messes me up since they share some of the same colors. Being male, I am just not a multi tasker. I also struggle with ADD so it is hard for me to focus on ONE thing. Forget about several things.

I recently bought about 60 new colors of floss so I need to get busy winding them on bobbins.

Happy Stitching!!!!



I have just shared ideas and photos of how I organize my threads on my workbasket site--
this post will probably lead you to the quilting is blissful site, but you will find the link to my cross stitch site on the left hand side of the blogsite--
love your peacock that you have been sharing!!

Pauline said...

Each project has his own box of floss.
And my stash is in envelops, with the number of the DMC or Venus floss on the outside.
Those envelops are in old shoeboxes.
I find it very handy!
After a project i put the rest of the floss in an envelop.

Nicola said...

Here is a link to a pic of mine :) Let me know if it does not work for you :)

Carrie said...

I store my floss in stackable plastic tool chests with drawers that are used for nuts & bolts buts it works perfectly for floss. I actually just posted a picture on my blog. I would link to it, but I haven't a clue how do that! LOL :(

Each of my WIP's have their own clear plastic box with the floss on bobbins.

katiem said...

I also keep my DMC on bobbins in plasic boxes. I keep all my WIP on their bobbins on rings with the rest of the project. DMC is inexpensive enough here that I'm okay with duplicating when I need the same number for more than one WIP.

I have a very small over-dyed stash (really just leftovers from finished projects) that I keep on rings, keeping brands together.

Denise said...

I also use bobbins that I keep in plastic I work on a project I pull the colors out and put them on a ring. If I start another project that calls for the same color I have extras in baggies stored away. You can see my floss post here -(
I have enjoyed everyone response to your question.
Happy Stitching