Monday, June 11, 2012

Hello everyone!

It has been a long time since I have posted. I have been up to my ears at work and there have been lots of big events recently. My wife's mother passed away recently and we were out of town a couple of times for that. Ricky has been back from Afghanistan for the memorial. He left to go back this morning. We sure are gonna miss him. Quinten graduated from high school on Thursday and the graduation was very exciting. We are so proud of him. He gets to relax for the summer and then... maybe the Coast Guard? We'll see.

I have been working on Eastern Promise from Joan Elliott. All the cross stitches are done except the flowering tree above the geisha. Then comes the backstitching and beads. I am so excited to see it done.

I complained to the county fair textile coordinator because there was no category for evenweaves. She apologized and asked me to suggest categories for the next year. I suggested...

Aida 14 ct and under
Aida over 14 ct
Linen or other evenweave
Self-designed piece

The coordinator then asked me to do a demo of cross stitch including the materials and methods we use. I was totally flattered but delined. I don't think she realizes what a novice I am. Very nice of her though.

Either way my peacock does not have a category for this year and it's too late to change the categories so I am out of luck. I will go ahead and submit it and see what happens.

Happy Stitching!!!


Ewa said...

Good luck with the submission of your Peacock - it certainly deserves a prize! I hope they change the rules for next year.

Mangogirl said...

good luck with your peacock!