Monday, June 25, 2012

So Close... And Yet So Far

I did it. I did that thing that you should not do in cross stitch. I started a new project with my current project close to being completed.

Why is this a no-no? Well, the biggest risk is that you will like stitching the new project and not get back to the other project for a long time. The chances that you will enjoy doing the new project more than the old one is about 98.7%.

The new project is Angel of the Morning from Lavender & Lace...

This is the most challenging project that I have taken on so far. The 32 ct Belfast Linen is hard to work with because my eyes are having trouble seeing the holes well. The number of blended colors, beads and special threads should be interesting. Not to mention the angel's face which is 1 over 1.

One of my favorite parts of doing a piece on 32 ct linen is that the stitches are so small that it hides my ugly stitches. I do railroad (sometimes) but I just can't commit to using a laying tool. I think I would need a lap or floor stand to do that since it would be 2 handed work.

Another plus....

I love it! Every stitch exposes the beauty of the design and honestly makes me smile everytime I stop and look at it :-) :-) :-) Everytime I work on a Lavender & Lace piece, I have a renewed respect for the work of Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum. In my opinion, no one creates dresses with as much flowing grace and depth. The color transitions are brilliant.

I just hope my stitching does the piece justice.

I will get back to the Geisha soon. I do need to order the petite beads. The chart calls for French Knots which I don't do. Don't get me started on French Knots.

Happy Stitching!!!

Happy Stitching!!!

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Monique said...

Wow she is going to be amazing when completed. I also can't work on such large count fabric. I tried doing a HAED once on 28count and had to admit defeat when my eyes just couldn't handle it. I'm trying to get the guts up to do it on 20 count but It scares me. Not the size of the stitching but rather the cost of getting such a large piece framed.
Can't wait to see stitching pics.