Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Favorite Cross Stitch Moments

What do we love about cross stitch?

I don't mean in general, I mean specifically. What are your favorite cross stitch moments? I'll give you an example of what I mean.

One of my favorite things that happen in cross stitch is when I don't have to count or check the chart for a while. If there is an area that just needs filled in and I don't have to verify three times that I am stitching in the right place. That is a Zen moment for me. I can just produce stitch after stitch.

What is your favorite cross stitch moment?

Come on I know you have one... stop for a moment and comment on this :-)

Happy Stitching!!!

Chris Cross Stitch

(Go Ducks - Tommy Trojan is going down!)


krystaline said...

Great question! hmmmmm - would have to be finishing a complete 100 squares block, or putting the last stitch in

Chris McGuire said...

I agree. Isn't the last stitch wonderful!

Joysze said...

When I'm stitching 1x1. LOL!!! There is something about those tiny stitches all lined up, neat and pretty that just gets to me.

Eyani Ryou said...

I love the moment you start a new project! It's probably the reason I have so many WIP's!

Minnie said...

The moment when you have stitched enough on a new project that it can be recognized and everything starts coming to life.

Kate said...

I do love the thrill of starting a new project but my most favourite part is adding the backstitch that makes the whole thing pop.

cucki said...

i love the feeling that on a white blank canvas how these tiny little crosses made a lovely picture..
me love stitching xx

Jo said...

It would have to be when you can stand back and actually see what progress you've made that day.

Penny said...

My favorite cross stitch moment is finishing the stitching on a house. :)

Chris McGuire said...

Great answers everyone. I totally agree with many of your answers. I don't really get the house reference. I think it's because I have never stitched a house.

I also love doing the backstitch Kate. It goes fast and brings the picture alive.

I don't know if this counts or not but buying all the materials for a project and gathering them together is fun too.


Anonymous said...

I think mine is like someone else said.......watching a plain canvas become a piece of art!