Friday, November 18, 2011

Progress Report

Happy Friday!!!!!

Here is my progress report. This is to prove that I actually did some cross stitch this week :-)

I finished 90% of the backstitch on Folk Art Angel #2. There is mostly metallic left to do on the backstitch. I also have 32 french knots to do. Uggggg ....dread!!..

So here is my french knot story from last night. I stitched a block of purple cross stitches to practice my french knots on. My DW gets on the iPad and pulls up videos on how to do french knots. I try to do them over and over and they are knot turning out good. I am knot happy with any of them! My knots do knot look anything like the ones on the video. My DW says... "let me try". So I hand it over to her... keep in mind that she does not do cross stitch or do any embroidery for that matter. Of course she makes perfect little knots... every one of them!?! argggggg.

So I tell myself "calm down... she's female... God has bestowed her with innate abilities to stitch" I swallow that darn male pride and watch what she is doing different. Then I watch the little knot carefully as I am pulling the thread through. Aha! The needle is a tapestry needle with a big eye. So the eye end of the needle is bigger than the rest of it and the eye is expanding the knot when it passes through. Also my DW points out that I am putting too much pressure on thread causing the knot to sort of turn inside out as I am passing the needle through.

At that point I am reminded that I married an amazing woman and that, as always, we make a great team! So... I need to buy a new needle with a smaller eye and work on the tension. I'll just keep practicing.

I am signed up for IHSW but I don't know how much time I will be able to stitch. I kinda cashed in the "stitching all weekend" card last week. We'll see though.

Football update: The Oregon Ducks are playing the USC Trojans tomorrow. I will be at the game with my Dad and Mom. A victory seals up the PAC-12 North division and It keeps their National Championship hopes alive :-) Go Ducks!!!

Happy Stitching!!!!!



Pauline said...

Hahahahaha, i love your story about the french knots!
And it IS amazing that you are a man!
A man and is it possible!
It is great to have one in this female world of stitching.

cucki said...

lol..i love the story too about french knots..
FK are my favourites...
keep well and have a lovely weekend.

Rahenna said...

French knots are always a pain for me, and the only thing that's helped is practice. You'll get it eventually. Either that, or use beads instead! :p

Lesleyanne said...

I HATE french knots and avoid them as much as possible. Great post.

Lei said...

I despise french knots. I always save them to the end. What always gets me is when they are the eyes and the first one I do looks perfect and then the second one ends up a bit wonky. Total torture! Have a great weekend!

Kate said...

I am not keen on french knots either! But they can be hit and miss. I think everyone does them slightly different :)

Nicola said...

I have an easy method for french knots..... I am right handed. I hold the needle in my right hand and put the thread under my left thumb on my work. I point the needle towards the thumb and wind the thread round getting the needle to do the work rather than the thread. Then I twist the needle back towards the hole and put back through fabric while still keeping tension on the left hand thread as I draw the thread through the fabric :-)) Hope this helps.

Joysze said...

LOL @ the french knots. I hope you got some stitchy time. :)

SoCal Debbie said...

Hi Chris, I'm a new follower of your blog! My French knots come out good about half the time. I agree with Lei; it's hard to get two eyes to match!

Keebles said...

I'm horrible at french knots too! I've tried for years and still can't get them! I've used beads, but I really haven't been happy with the results of those either. I've put off doing the Disney Dreams series because they are filled with the blasted things!