Tuesday, November 1, 2011

National Blog Posting Month - Halloween

Since it is National Blog Posting Month I am jumping on the bandwagon. I will try to post something everyday. I am not guaranteeing that it will be terribly entertaining.

So here goes...

So I had a three day weekend. I took Halloween off of work. It is my wife's birthday so of course it makes sense that I would get the day off and she has to work.

I did do some laundry, dishes, cook a roast and I did the grocery shopping. The hope was to take some pressure off her day so that she could enjoy her birthday. With all that going on I didn't get any stiching done and for that matter I didn't get much stitching done all weekend but I did finish part of the Summery Fairy. She doesn't look like a belly dancer anymore.

Emily dressed up like a witch this year. Normally I stay at home and give out candy and my wife takes the kids trick or treating. After work she asked if I could take Emily. I sighed heavily and agreed because I am such a loving husband. I then promptly called our 18 year old and asked him to take her trick or treating. He agreed and all was well again. We had four trick or treaters and we had bought enough candy for 50. This happens every year.... quite by accident of course...

Happy Stitching!!!



Danielle said...

Haha. Loved this post. My boyfriend and I actually get a A LOT of trick or treaters. We bought a 150-piece bag of candy and only had about 20 pieces left!!!

Minnie said...

I think you did a good job on this post, I too bought enough candy for at least 50 kids and ended up almost chasing down only two trick or treaters but I'll find a way to dispose of that darn candy some how ;-)

cucki said...

i love this post so much..
happy halloween to you and your family.

Daffycat said...

Best of luck with 30 posts/30 days! I've done NaBloPoMo twice ~ 2008 & 2009 and skipped last year. Still haven't decided on this year lol. Got a "start" at least! It is really hard to come up with interesting posts!

I'll try to remember you and come cheer you on!

Lesleyanne said...

Good luck with your 30 posts in 30 days.

Pauline said...

Great story!
Here in holland we don,t have Halloween at real.
Sometimes there are a view kids on my door, so last year i had enough candy for....yes 50...but what happens??
No children came on my door!!
So i never do this again.

Chris said...

Thanks so much everyone for your feedback and support. Stitchers are so supportive and kind!

Pauline: Your English is very good. I did not know that Halloween was not celebrated much in Holland. Is it true that Saint Martin's day (November 11th) is very similar?

I found this song...

Elf November is de dag,
Dat mijn lichtje,
Dat mijn lichtje.
Elf November is de dag,
Dat mijn lichtje branden mag.

Bing translator converted it to...

11 November is the day,
That my light,
That my light.
11 November is the day,
That my idea mag.

Sounds like something was lost in the translation... :-)

My wife buys the candy. She knows that our house is set back from the road and that we will only get a few kids. She just loves chocolate. It is no accident that she gets her favorite kinds of candy. :-)


TammyK said...

Cool of you to do all the work for the day so your wife had the day off. My hubby does that for me quite often. Words are cheap, actions speak volumes :-) We had 8 trick or treaters (all little cousins).