Sunday, March 25, 2012

Chris' Eating Plan

Sometimes I like to blog about things other than cross stitch and this is one of those times. My DW and I are starting a new diet supplement and I am starting a new eating plan. My DW has actually been using this supplement for a month and I have seen her lose weight and have lots of energy so I am trying it.

Today I wanted to share my eating plan. I call it cupa, cupa, cupa. You'll see why in a minute. At each meal I eat up to 3 cups of food.

Here are the rules...

1. Each cup has to be a different food.

2. Foods combined together into a dish count as one food. In other words I can't have 3 cups of spaghetti just because it has pasta, sauce and meat.

3. If I am going to have 3 cups, one has to be a fruit, veggie or green salad.

That's all the rules!

Wait a minute.. How can that be all the rules?

I know what your saying... That won't work... You could eat anything in those other two cups.

True. I can eat one cup of potato chips, one cup of ice cream and one cup broccoli. I can go to a fast food place and eat a cheeseburger, fries and a small salad.

The point of this eating plan is to have portion control and variety. Diets that restrict what kind of foods I can eat, don't work for me because I "cheat" and then feel defeated.

If a cup is too much for you then you could use 3/4 cup but I wouldn't go smaller than that. I need to feel full (not stuffed)... Full after each meal or I will be eating again in an hour.

This works for me but it may not work for you...take it or leave it.

Happy Stitching!!!


SoCal Debbie said...

Cupa Cupa Cupa sounds like a fun plan. Good luck!

Debbie said...


Dani - tkdchick said...

Its a good plan, but any good weight loss plan will focus on portion control not on restircting your favourite foods. Denial leads to failure.

Ewa said...

Good luck, Chris! I've been trying to lose weight since the beginning of the year. I don't have much to lose so it's super difficult! I'm doing portion control, too - enjoying all my favorite foods but within reason. I hope you keep us updated on how you're doing!