Monday, July 30, 2012

I don't play golf! & Angel of the Morning Update

So... I have Golfer's Elbow. I have never heard of this but that is what my doctor says. I don't even golf. To translate, I have tendinitis of my left elbow. Apparently this is caused or aggravated by holding the QSnap frame in the air. I need to ice it and let it heal but I don't want to stop stitching even for a little while. I will have withdrawal! I need my fix! I considered buying a frame stand but I don't think that will work for me. I move the frame around a lot while stitching.

In a related story...

My wife rearranged the living room again. I didn't understand why she wanted to do this? Everything was right where I liked it. Of course after she finished, the living room was much better and looked bigger. This moved me to the other end of the couch which put my left arm on the armrest. This should help my tendinitis. I can also put an ice pack of the armrest and rest my elbow on it.

I stitched a lot this weekend but didn't make that much progress. I guess the Olympics distracted me. I am stitching my way up the design right now. I think I am going to start at the top next time. It is so hard to work uphill :-)

I knew that this angel was big but it is becoming real now. To give you an idea how big, this is a 17" tall frame and this is only her dress. I still have her body and wings. The bad part is that the design is not in the center of the fabric again! I don't know how this happened. I folded the fabric in half both ways and started stitching the middle of the pattern right where they meet. The design is about an inch too high. Oh well. Hopefully there will be enough fabric to frame it. :-) 

Happy Stitching!!!!


cucki said...

I hope you feel better soon deary..
Your stitching is so lovely..
Hugs xxx

rekni said...

Your wife sounds like a very wise lady, moving your couch so you have something to rest your sore elbow on. Your angel is looking beautiful. I wish everyone here could see your work in person, your stitches are practically perfect.

Chris McGuire said...

That is correct. My wife is very wise and amazing. Your support and encouragement is what keeps me going! By the way, I think I need a stand to hold my pattern so that you can sit right next to me :-)

SoCal Debbie said...

My left elbow gets stiff from holding the Qsnap too. I sit on the right side of the couch. Perhaps I should move to the left side so I can rest my arm on the armrest too, before I get Golfer's Elbow! LOL

Good luck with your angel. I'm sure there will not be a problem framing her. Your stitching is always wonderful to watch!

Pauline said...

Sorry to hear about your elbow!
I had the same problem...and it came also by my way of stitching.
But there is hope!
I never stopped stitching, i couldn,t.
but i bought a brace on internet and used this when i stich.
And now it is all over!