Thursday, August 9, 2012

Secret Project - Shhhhhhhhh

I began gathering supplies for a special project for a family member. The reciepient and subject matter are secret for now. The important thing about this project is that it involves several firsts for me. It involves stitching the entire piece of fabric and it's a big project for me (66,000 stitches). It has like 60 colors including 30 shades of brown and there is major confetti. To do this project, I will need to learn the Parking method of stitching. That leads to my question....

For people who do parking, how do you keep track of which color is which on the needles? Some of the colors are so close to each other.

Happy Stitching!!!



Pull the other thread said...

Chris I don't leave the needles on the threads when I park. I use this method for HAED charts and work in 10x10 block. I stitch all of one color in that block and then pull the thread through the bottom hole of where the next stitch in that colour is in the next block down and leave it. I then move on to the next colour and do the same thing. Then when that block is finished and I move down to the next one I have all the threads placed where the corresponding symbol is on the chart. That way I know which symbol I am stitching if not the exact colour number.

I hope that makes sense. I'm not sure how well I explained. If you have questions and I can be of help don't hesitate to email me on

cucki said...

Enjoy stitching your secret project..I am also stitching a secret stitching project for my hubby :)
Hugs xxx

SoCal Debbie said...

Here is a tutorial on Parking from the Scarlet Quince website:

I am trying it out on one of my projects.

nikkin said...

I don't often park, but when I do, I un-thread the needle and mark on my chart which symbol has a parked thread (use a different colour highlighter)and then carry on with the next colour. I usually only park in very confetti heavy areas.
Good luck with your secret project, can't wait to see what it is!


Linda said...

Good luck with your secret project. Sorry, can't help you with the parking.


Mangogirl said...

When I park I keep track of it by where it is it has to be parked on the top right corner for me that way I can find it.